How to Close the Book in QuickBooks Pro?

    so plz help me How to Close the Book in QuickBooks Pro? provide the answer

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      How to Close the Book in QuickBooks Pro?

      Here I am going to help you to close the Books at the end of year in QuickBook pro support. Generally, you don’t want to change anything at the end of the year in your business financial records. So, you need to close the book. But you have to set a password to open or change records form a closed year.

      Lets get start with some steps to close your book:

      • Navigate through main menu and then choose Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog.
      • Click on Accounting to open the Accounting the Preferences.
      • Click on the Company
      • Choose the Closing date at the bottom of the dialog box.
      • Click on Set Password.
      • Type new Password and confirm
      • Click on OK.
      • Again click on OK to accept changes and close.

      If you also want to know the uses of the closing of book and more detail, please go through the link: Close the Book in QuickBooks Pro

      Answered on July 6, 2017.
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