How to change user permissions in QuickBooks?

    You can get an instant QuickBooks support to change the user’s permissions. You can add multiple users in QuickBooks such as your partner and employees, grant them with different level of access secured with login credentials and change the user’s permissions. You can also give the administrative rights to the users to allow them adding a new user, eliminating the existing one or control his permissions. This helps you to ensure that your crucial accounting data is in the safe hands. Moreover, your employees can work on your company files without disturbing you.

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      QuickBooks Online support multiple users. The administrator can access any file and perform any function, but you can customize permissions for other users to limit their actions.

      For example, all employees in your small business probably need access to the QuickBooks Time Tracking tool to log their work hours. Fewer employees need to access inventory management sheets and fewer still need access to customers’ personal information or credit card numbers. Restricting user permissions helps limit errors and keeps your company’s information secure.

      Answered on July 5, 2018.
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