How To Add a New Customer in QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)?

    If I need to add a new customer in the QuickBooks point of sale (POS), when what should I do to add them to QuickBooks point of sale (POS).

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      Hi there I’m Olivia and I am living in Washington (District of Califonia), United States.

      Here I’m going to tell you the proper solution

      QB POS 18.0 came with a new inventory. This system is more valuable to the customer. For the customers who want to make payment via credit or debit cards. It is also necessary to ring sales. Where the optional barcode scanner is valuable to build a discount anytime with the customer information for the CRM.

      When you first go to customers, You can add a customer right away with just their name phone number and email also. You can edit the customer later to add more details.

      The tracking system is available in the tracked inventory where you can know who are your best sellers. And also know, how can you record and what’s need to record? If you desire to track and reward the customer easily.

      There is some valuable information for you. That is all the customer’s history you can see at that place easily. Like balanced run-up, credit availability, the loyalty of the customers. And also some specific offers that are related to the customers.

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      Answered on April 16, 2018.
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