How much does it cost to do direct deposit through QuickBooks?

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    For QuickBooks Payroll, activating direct deposit QuickBooks cost is not applicable as it is basically free. Here in this post, we are giving you the answer to this query. You can also contact our Intuit certified ProAdvisor to save your time and effort by dialing our QuickBooks payroll support number +1-855-441-4417 toll-free.

    Let discuss some information in detail:

    Although, QB activation of direct deposit is free. It will cost you per paycheck for the bank to bank transactions or by the transfer fee paid by the employer.

    This charge is then processed at the time of the payroll run. This charge can also vary according to the product subscription.

    Usually, the fees are $1.75 per paycheck sent according to the bank-to-bank processing or transfer fee.

    As far as the monthly subscription is concerned flat charges of $39.00 a month is applicable. This includes additional services like automatic calculation of the federal tax as well as state tax etc.

    If you are looking for the process to set up a direct deposition in QuickBooks Payroll then, please read: How do you set up a direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll?

    We would suggest you contact our QuickBooks support team for more details about direct deposit QuickBooks cost. Dial 1-855-441-4417

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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