How many company files can I have in Quickbooks Pro?

    She then puts me on hold for a loooong time, and puts a salesperson on the phone who tells me that both Pro and Premier have a 10 Company File limit. That for $1000 PER YEAR, I need to get Enterprise, otherwise my 20 Company Files are starting to corrupt.

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      I doubt you need to move to Enterprise. You can have as many companies as you want. QuickBooks’ performance decreases as the size of the company file increases. There are no actual limits on the size of your company data file, but performance may be hindered if your network is not capable of handling files that have more than 500 MB in Pro or Premier. “The” meaning a file, not the total of the data files.

      First I would make sure that you are on the most recent release of QB 2016. Go to help>update QB and do a full update. Some of the slew of errors may have been caused when you moved your files.

      Error code 6189, 816: Great blog that should help you:

      Error code 6123: usual cause is data file damage.

      file dr can also sometimes help:

      for more information  visit this site

      Answered on July 7, 2017.
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