How long the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification process take?

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    Here we discuss all QuickBooks versions and also How long QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification process take?

    QuickBooks Desktop Certification

    So, Do you want to know how long QuickBooks Proadvisor certification take?. The QuickBooks Desktop Certification exam can take the time up to 4 hours. To help you pass the exam we backing you with the certification progress. Because that can take up to 12 hours to finish.

    About the 2018 Certification Exam:

    • The exam will take most people between three to four hours to complete and the full exam contains 120 questions.
    • The exam is divided into three sections of 35 questions each and the fourth section with 15 questions.
    • You can complete the exam sections in any order as you want.
    • The minimum passing score of an exam is 80 percent and you must complete each section.
    • You have only four attempts to pass each section of the exam.
    • After your first attempt, the next subsequent attempt is easy to pass any section of this exam will include only the test items that were answered incorrectly in the previous attempt.
    • Each question is saved as you progress to the next question.
    • You may exit the exam at any time and your progress will be saved. All your progress is saved so that when you return, you just start from where you left.
    • You must wait one year from your last attempt before retaking the exam if you fail on your fourth attempt. During that year you should review the self-paced training modules and practice within the product to prepare for your next attempt because training help to resolve your query.

    Read the steps carefully it will help you to clear the exam and get the certificate of QuickBooks Proadvisor.

    QuickBooks Online Certification

    The QuickBooks Online Certification exam can take the time up to 3 hours. To help you pass the exam we backing you with the certification progress. Because that can take up to 7 hours to finish.

    QuickBooks Point of Sale OR QuickBooks Enterprise Certification

    The QuickBooks Point of Sale or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Certification can take the time up to 2 hours each.

    QuickBooks Desktop Advance Certification

    The QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification training course of study takes nearly 90 minutes to two hours to complete. But the time to read and study the training guide is dependent upon you.

    The exam itself is very hard to do. And It will take several hours to complete. Many ProAdvisors complete the exam in several sittings. And ProAdvisors many do not pass on their first attempt.

    No matter which certification you are taking, you can choose to take all the optional course of study. Or just those where you require help. Please note that if the training course of study is eligible for CPE credits. You must complete them separately in order to earn those credentials.

    Dial our QuickBooks Proadvisor Customer Support Number +1-855-441-4417 for more information.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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