How does Payroll Assisted work?

    How does Payroll Assisted work?

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      In QuickBooks, Payroll assisted helps you to easily pay employees within QuickBooks.Payroll Assisted is a payroll management service that handles payroll taxes.
      Before your 1st day, you enter hourly pay rates and salaries for workers, that you’ll update at any time.

      To pay staff, enter hours worked by every hourly worker and click on a box for every salaried worker. QuickBooks instantly calculates the right paychecks, and lists all the deductions and taxes withheld.

      Then you’ll print paychecks yourself or use our convenient Direct Deposit (additional fees apply)

      After every payroll, you submit your information to intuit, and we use it to form your payroll tax payments and file your tax forms. we guarantee that these are correct and on time.

      If you would like facilitate, simply develop the phone. With Payroll assisted , you get support from managed payroll specialists for all of your setup and use queries.
      If a difficulty will return up, intuit can help resolve it for you
      For more help contact QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Support.

      Answered on July 19, 2017.
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