How do you mark an invoice as paid in QuickBooks?

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    If you had been using QuickBooks Payroll for your billing solution and converted to Chamber Master Billing, you may have open invoices in QuickBooks. It is very important to mark an invoice paid in QuickBooks for hassle-free accounting.

    When you are creating a payment in Chamber Master Billing, it will be entered into a journal entry in QuickBooks once you post the Journal Entry export. It will reduce the customer’s balance but doesn’t tie to the invoice originally created in QuickBooks support.

    To mark that payment as paid:

    • Go to that customer in QuickBooks support.
    • Open the invoice.
    • Click the button to apply for credit.
    • The Journal entry will appear and you can apply that to the invoice.

    Receipt (statement) for a single customer:

    • Choose Customers and then Customer Center.
    • Click the customer name on the scrollable list at the left.
    • On the upper-right of the table, click on the New Transaction drop-down arrow and select Statement.
    • Click to select Balance Forward or Open Item.

    Please perform steps only when you are sure that the invoice is already paid.

    For more details about this topic or any other topic related to QuickBooks, you should contact our customer support team, Dial 1855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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