How do you make a journal entry in QuickBooks online?

    Explain about features of Quickbooks online and also suggest me how to make journal entry in Qb online?

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      Hello denium Ritche,Here some introduction about Quickbooks online and how Quickbooks online is important and what are the features of Quickbooks online.

      Quickbook online developed and designed by Intuits to manage all your financial and accounting information from anywhere and anytime,It is a cloud-based application. QuickBooks Online is bookkeeping software developed to decrease the accounting workload from small businesses, including invoicing, managing BAS and more.

      QuickBooks Online offers every business owners the power to create an accurate illustration of the company’s financial situation at a moment’s notice, ensuring elevated performance and rapid resolution for any errors.

      It does not require any hardware or any software to run; it just requires a high-speed internet connection and regular internet browser. The effect is a more efficient, as workforce work from any device and any location which makes it mobile. QuickBooks Online Customer support team is also efficient as the software.

      QuickBooks online works good but, in some times you might face some problems with it. QuickBooks Online is growing rapidly and its popularity as well.

      Features of QuickBooks Online


        • Increase your productivity by tracking your income and expenses.
          • Send limitless estimates and invoice to your customers.
          • For quick and fast transaction, you can sync your bank accounts and apps in the software.
          • You can print checks directly from it and record transactions as well.
          • Import data from excel and QuickBooks desktop
          • Access your data from tablet or Smartphone.
          you can access2 accountantsdata.
          • It can be integrated with QuickBooks Point of Sale for seamless business.
          • Set which user can access the informations.
          • Track your inventory 
          • Get the product and feature upgrade 
          • Pay your employees
          • Automatic data backup
          • Accept payment directly
          • Payroll



      Issues which can occur on QuickBooks Online:

      QuickBooks Online Customer Support Phone Number for help regarding any technical issues. We have mentioned some the common issues below which you might face.

        • Not able to run QuickBooks or open it
          • Running slowly or performing slowly
          • Administrative password is forgotten or lost
          • Transaction deleted unknowingly
          • Not able to connect to QuickBooks online
          • Features not working properly
          • Not able to work with different device
          • Not able to import data
          • And many more.



      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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