How do we turn-on and set up time tracking in QuickBooks?


    I want to track my business profile and status. But I don’ t know how to do it using QuickBooks. So, let me know how to turn-on or turn-off and set up time tracking in QuickBooks.

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      I am going to explain some simple methods how to use Time tracker with QuickBooks. QuickBooks can solve your all business, marketing and accounting related problems quickly to consume your money. QuickBooks has so many features, each one has many problems. So, there is an advanced tracking system in QuickBooks to resolve your problem.
      Connecting QuickBooks to Time Tracker takes 5-10 minutes only.

      You can turn-on the time-tracking preference by using following simple methods:
      1.Go to Gear icon then click on Account and settings.
      2.Click on Advanced on the left hand menu.
      3.Click the shown pencil to the right of Time Tracking.
      4.Check the Add services field to time-sheets or Add Customer field to time-sheets. Then employees and contractors can specify their activities if they are billed.
      5.Now, it is optional to check the Show billing rate to users entering time.
      6.Select the first day of the work week. It affects the activities of employees how they view Weekly time sheets.
      7.Click on Save.
      8.Click on Done.

      You can add a Time tracking user only by following simple steps:
      1.Click on the Gear.
      2.Click on Manage users.
      3.Click New and then choose Time Tracking only.
      4.Select that employee you want to add as a Time Tracker solely user.
      NOTE: Regular users or Company Admin will use Time Trackers by clicking on the + (Create) button on the highest right.
      After setting up of Time Tracker, you can access the time sheets by attending to employee, or the + (Create) and choosing Single Activity Time sheet or Weekly written Sheet.

      Four reports are available on the market that reference Time Tracking:

      1.Recent/Edited Time Activities
      2.Time Activities by Customer Detail
      3.Time Activities by worker Detail
      4.Unbilled Time

      Time Tracking is a feature on the market in QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus.

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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