How do I use QuickBooks on two computers?

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    To use QuickBooks on two computers, you must connect both to the same network and make sure you have set the correct installation options for each computer.

    To make it easy uninstall QuickBooks on both PCs and then reinstall with the correct options. After this, the primary computer stores your company files then it allows you to sync data to other computers.

    Steps to install QuickBooks on more than one computer.

    • From Intuit download and install the Data Transfer Utility
    • From the secondary computer copy, your company files to the primary computer.
    • Open the company file from the secondary
    • Click the “Open Source Company” button in the “Export Data From Source Company” section
    • Choose “Yes, Always; Allow Access Even if QuickBooks is Not Running”
    • Click the “Close” button in the “Currently Connected To” field
    • Click the “File” menu and select “Close Company” in QuickBooks.
    • Tap on the “Change” button in the “Select Type of Data” field
    • In “Import Data Into Destination” section, select the “Import Data” button.

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    Always make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps in the given order. Skipping any of the steps may lead to further complications.

    For more information on this topic then Contact the QuickBooks Tech support phone number +1-855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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