How do I upload data from multiple QuickBooks company files into Tax1099?

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    Do you have multiple payers or firm that you need to import into Tax1099?. Please follow the below steps for How do I import a different QuickBooks company files into Tax1099 for each import method below:

    QuickBooks Online (QBO)

    • After you import the forms for your first company you will need to disconnect the App in the My Apps area of the If QBO client, will requirements to go to to disconnect and connect.
      • Click on Apps on the menu bar.
      • Locate the Tax1099 app.
      • Click on Disconnect.
    • After that, open the new company that you require to import and connect the App for Tax1099 again to approve access to connect and import data.
    • Go to the new company.
    • Click on Apps on the menu bar.
    • Locate Tax1099 app.
    • Choose the app and click Get App Now.
    • Click Authorize to allow access.

    QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)

    • If you have imported your first company and are ready to import the other one companies set of 1099’s, you just need to open that next company file and then you can run the Tax1099 Wizard to verify forms or go ahead and upload the information:
      • If the user already has the plugin downloaded, go to Vendor > e-File > Upload 1099 Data.
      • A popup box will ask you to approve the next company to allow it to connect to Tax1099

    Web Connector:

    • Go to File > Update Web Services in the web connector: on the right side select the remove option
    • Now, Go to the next company and need to add the application again (the same downloaded one)
    • Go to File > Update Web Services and choose Tax1099
    • Will receive an email with a link to open in Tax1099 to the import grid (green dots) (BDC)

    • When you imported the first company, you will require to disconnecting the App in BDC and then open the next company.
      • Click on the Settings Gear and choose then click on Setup. There will be a link to click to Disconnect.
    • Connect the Tax1099 app again below the new company in the Settings Gear and proceed with importing the 1099 data into Tax1099.

    Excel Spreadsheets

    • When you import using one of our Excel templates there is no need to switch company access. If you have them all listed on the same spreadsheet, then it will import all at once.
    • When you are on the import grid with the red, green or yellow dots, make sure to note at the top of the grid that you want to select All companies to import.
    • When it brings you the 1099 forms into Tax1099 on the Submit Form page you will only be able to submit one company at a time.
    • After that, submit your first company, then modify the selection for the Payer at the top and choose the next set of forms.
    • Complete until all Payers (Companies) 1099 forms have been submitted to the IRS.

    For more information, you can dial our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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