How do I resolve Bank Account Error 324 in QuickBooks Payroll?


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      The Error 324 comes when you try to changed the account name at your banks website or if your bank switched to a new account for you. Because of this error code, QuickBooks Online is not able to find the account when logging in to your bank’s site or if the account has been closed at the bank and therefore no longer shows up on the website.

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      To fix this Issue:

      Step 1: Deactivate the account
      Choose Hide and Show Accounts in account menu.
      Find the account causing the error and uncheck any accounts with this bank, in the list column.
      Highlight each account (one at a time) and click the Settings button on the bottom right of screen, In the Account View.
      Under the At Your Financial Institution section, click on Troubleshooting, then click on Deactivate Downloads.
      Repeat steps 3 and 4 to deactivate each account for the affected bank.

      Step 2: Reactivate and link the account(s)
      In setting, click on Set up transaction download.
      At the bottom, click the My bank is not listed question mark to update the bank list. Click the Show List button to continue.
      Type the name of your bank and select it from the list, then enter your login credentials and click Continue.
      Quicken will display a list of all accounts you have with this bank. Carefully link each of these accounts to the appropriate account you’ve setup in Quicken.
      I hope these solution resolve your problem. If you need more help contact our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number “+1 855 441 4417”

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      Answered on July 19, 2017.
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