How do I import bank statements into QuickBooks?

    so plz help me How do I import bank statements into QuickBooks? provide the answer

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      New in Transaction Pro Importer 5.0!  You can now import the bank statements from excel, csv, text, Quicken (.qif) or Microsoft Money (.ofx) file into QuickBooks. To make this process even easier Transaction in the Pro Importer includes a powerful feature called payee alias matching.  Most times financial institutions use the different names that those in your QuickBooks company file the provide the expense or income accounts that you want to use in the QuickBooks. The Payee Alias feature is available on the following import types:  bank statements, bills, checks and credit card charges.

      In this post we will be provide an overview of how to import bank statements into the QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer.On the first screen of Transaction Pro you will select the browse button to select your import file. i have downloaded a Quicken file (qif) from a bank as an example and have selected the browse button to select the file. We will be also select an import type of bank statement.

      Hope this answer will be helpful for you. For more information about importing invoices into QuickBooks, dial Quickbooks online support phone number1-855-441-4417. You can ask any query related to QuickBooks from well qualified and experienced accounting experts.

      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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