how do I Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, -305?

    how can I fix it?

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      QuickBooks is, without the hint of a doubt, the best accounting software available in the market. Features such as advanced reporting, advanced pricing, advanced inventory and chart of accounts give it an edge over its competitors. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll stores all the accounting data in company files. These company files can be created or imported.

      QuickBooks Error 6000, 305 can occur if the connection to the company file is broken or if the company file is damaged. We can use QuickBooks File doctor for scanning the company file but before that, we must ensure that the network path between QB and the company file isn’t broken. To ensure this, check the network QuickBooks is connected through. If it is an online network then check the LAN wire or WLAN connection. This can be done by:

      1. Open Control Panel
      2. Click on Network and Sharing Center
      3. RIght Click on the Network and check whether or not it is working correctly.

      Next, you need to find the company file. The transaction log file and company file will have the same name but different extensions. For example, company file will be named as [company file name].qbw.nd and transaction log file will be named as [company file name].qbw.tlg

      Right-click the company file and select “Rename” option. Enter any new name or simply add “-OLD” at the end of the name. Don’t delete extension or “.qbw.nd” from the end.

      Same way, rename the transaction log file without omitting the extension.

      Exit the system now.

      1. Open QuickBooks and try to login in the company file.
      2. If you still get this error, then you must try the next solution i.e.Single Mode User Check
      3. Make sure all the users are logged out of the QuickBooks Data file.
      4. Next, restart the computers.
      5. Now copy the data file to the desktop or to another location apart from its source.
      6. Again copy the data file back to its original location.
      7. Sign into QuickBooks.

      These are the possible fixes to QuickBooks Error 6000, 305. If the problem still persists contact to QuickBooks Payroll Support Team as soon as possible. To know more, feel free to contact on +1-855-441-4417 to speak with experts.

      Answered on July 31, 2017.
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