How do I edit the information of a vendor in

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    Do you want to edit the information of a vendor in here in this article, we are describing to you how to edit information?

    A vendor is called a Recipient in The Recipient is the person or firm. Receiving a payment from a Payer. You can add, delete and edit Recipients below Manage Recipient.

    If you are importing from an excel file. or integration partner, the recipient will be created automatically, there is no requirement to add a Recipient manually if you will import their information.

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    How to using Tax1099

    • Log in to tax1099
    • Select a company to import information
    • Select the tax year
    • Click Load Data
      • If new to tax1099, click to import the data
    • After the data is loaded, the 1099 information will appear
    • Click edit to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date
    • Click Next
    • Review the 1099 data, exporting to Excel if needed
    • Click finalize
    • If there are no errors, the 1099 data will appear under uploaded. If there are errors, the 1099 data will appear under not uploaded
    • Fix any error as necessary and try again
    • Click checkout
    • Select the 1099s needed and select any download options needed, indicating how the 1099s will be sent to the recipient
    • Click next
    • Save list
    • Click OK to acknowledge the confirmation message
    • Pay & submit to e-file

    Follow the below step to edit the information of vendor at

    • First of all, choose the existing Recipient from the list and click edit.
    • After that, the same from view appears with the current information.
    • After that, change as needed and click update.

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    Answered on June 25, 2019.
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