How do I cancel QuickBooks Payroll Service in QuickBooks Desktop?

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    You must cancel QuickBooks Payroll service if you closing your business and no longer paying your employees. But after cancelation, you can have access to your account’s data for six months. But after the end of tax year, you have to collect the data on your own.

    QuickBooks payroll service is a subscription. It has an automatic renewable process. However, you can cancel that automatic renewable feature if you feel like you don’t need it anymore. Usually, users cancel QuickBooks payroll service when they do not require services like

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    Here you can see the steps to cancel your QuickBooks Payroll services, but before cancelation, consider these things:

    • Paid any outstanding tax deposits
    • Filed any outstanding quarterly forms
    • Printed necessary payroll reports

    Steps to cancel QuickBooks payroll service

    • Go to the Employees menu, then My Payroll Service and then Account/Billing Info.
    •  Sign in using your Intuit Account login.
    • After logging in The Account Maintenance page will open.
    • In the Service Information section, click the Cancel link.

    Cancel QuickBooks Payroll service

    Alternatively, you can use the second method as follows.

    You can also submit an online request to cancel the service.

    • Find online cancellation form in support form of QuickBooks.
    • Choose the appropriate reason and then click continue.
    • Enter company name.
    • Click Continue.
    • Provide the date of final payroll checks and again click continue.
    • Enter the below-mentioned information that is also required.
      • Name of the contact.
      • Phone Number.
      • Email Address –  The confirmation of cancellation is sent to this email address within 3 business days.
    • Tap on Submit request.

    We hope that now you will be able to cancel the service easily. Still, if you need any help then please contact our customer support phone number.  Dial  1-855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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