How can resolve fix Banking Error 155 in QuickBooks?

    Asked on September 20, 2019 in QuickBooks.
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      QuickBooks is widely used accounting software that is known to manage the inventories, payroll services, keep track of the employee and other necessary details. QuickBook is dealing with financial and accounting aspects, connect it to the bank become essentials. this gives a smooth transaction of money and also adding the card detail for future purposes. But one of the most common issue QuickBooks faces many errors and Banking error 155 is one of them which occur due to financial issue (Bank) not allowing the system to connect with its server.  And it is properly intimate with Multi-factor Authentication account types.

      Why Banking error 155 occurs in QuickBooks:- 

      1.  One of the widely accepted issues is when the bank’s server encounters some problems like sometimes the bank changes its name and due to a problem in the server fails to update the same.
      2. Disruption in the internet connection can also cause this issue like a slow internet connection or any other.
      3.  Sometimes when some corruption and data are mishandling in QuickBooks account records. It also causes banking error 155.
      4. Web association won’t be reserved which causes the interruption when the procedure takes after a direct connect strategy.
      5. Now and again the straightforward used to the record the likewise cause blunder inside the product.

      When banking error 155 occurs in QuickBooks it means your financial institution is not allowing QuickBooks to connect and retrieve data. If this error is found in QuickBooks it means that we are working with your financial institution to resolve this issue.

      Resolve Banking error 155 in QuickBooks:-

      To resolve the Banking error 155 you need to connect the bank and request that they allow the connection and here is some general solution to resolve this issue.

      • Resolve Banking error 155 using Manual Update.
      1. Select Banking, from the left menu. 
      2.  Select the Update button.
      3. If you want to update some of your accounts, click to clear the unwanted account.
      4. Select on Update Now.
      5. Enter your Multi-factor Authentication credentials.
      6. Click on Continue Update.
      • Resolve Banking error using Upload Transactions

               You can upload your Bank transaction into QuickBooks Online using web connect in the meantime.

      1. Download transactions, form your bank’s website.
      2. For downloading your transaction in your computer, you have to Sign in your bank website and follow bank online process.
      3. You might be able to choose a transaction or even select a date range for the transaction, from specific and multiple accounts.

      # you specify a date range earlier than the last 90 days if you are adding historical transactions for a connected account.

      # otherwise you maybe upload duplicate transactions. 

      1. Select one of the supported file type given below:-
      • QuickBooks Online (QBO)
      • Microsoft Money (OFX)
      • Quicken (QFX)
      • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
      1. You have to download the file name and location where you download it.
      2. Go to your DashBoard and select Banking from the left menu.
      3. You have to select Banking at the top.
      4. Select Update, click on the Dropdown arrow at the top right. ( if no Bank connect scroll down and choose Upload Transaction Manually).
      5. Click on File Upload, to find select Browse.
      6. Select the file to upload.
      7. Select Open.
      8. Select Next.
      9. Select Add New from the dropdown list, if you don’t have account add an account.
      10. You are prompted if you are uploading a CSV file to select the column from the CSV file that matches the QuickBooks Online banking field.
      11. When you are done select Next.
      12. Select Finish.

      These solutions are useful to upload transactions and resolve to Banking error 155 in Quickbooks. Or if the above steps do not work to fix the Banking error 155 in QuickBooks and the error still persists then contact the QuickBooks support expert to resolve this error.

      Answered on September 20, 2019.
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