How Can I Fix QuickBook Error 1402?

    Hi. I am Shubham Mehta. I have been using QuickBooks for 3 years, but now suddenly I am facing an error 1402 while using. So I need to know that how can I fix this issue.  Please help me out with this error.

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      Hi Shubham…

      As you know about QuickBooks. It’s a accounting software and you already know about software things. Sometimes, You may face some error when using it. But there is also a troubleshooting process for all these errors. Also in QuickBooks, you can face some errors while working on it. At this point, we could become clueless as to how to fix such problems. Here I will show you the way to fix this QuickBooks error code 1402.

      QuickBooks error code 1402 can occur when using QuickBooks Payroll accounting software program either in Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X operating system platform. This error is discussed below.

      Cause of the QuickBooks error code 1402

      The QuickBooks error code 1402 occurs when your computer’s operating system is corrupted.

      There can be various causes of this error such as:

      • Excessive startup entries of programs and applications
      • Registry errors
      • Fragmented files
      • Redundant program installation
      • Hardware failure
      • How to fix the QuickBooks error code 1402?

      How to fix the QuickBooks error code 1402:

      You can fix this error by doing a few simple checks like running full computer scan for viruses or malware, repairing the Windows Registry, cleaning junk files and web cache, etc. Taking the necessary actions will help you resolve the issue with your QuickBooks accounting tool.

      Resolving the error on Windows 8:

      1. First, press and hold the Windows+R keys to open the command named Run on the computer.
      2. Now, open the local users and account manager to do so, need to type msc in the given Run box.
      3. From the list, now we will select the users we want to. Admin account will appear on the right side of the panel.
      4. We will click two times on the admin account to open the properties window.
      5. Uncheck Account is disabled by click it because we can see that it is on.
      6. Now, restart the system and when it is back online, by using the new Administrator rights login.
      7. Now, retry to install QuickBooks on windows 8.

      Resolving the error on windows 7:

      1. Click on the Start button and opt for Control Panel.
      2. Now, go to User account and open it.
      3. Click on Manage another account.
      4. Now, go to Create a new account and click it.
      5. Now, type in a test name and opt for Create account.
      6. Shut down the system and then turn on the system again.
      7. Sign in with new credentials, with Administrator rights.
      8. Finally, try to install QuickBooks again.

      However, this is a common error in QuickBooks and it can be fixed easily. Our QuickBooks customer support experts can give you the necessary solution.

      If you need further more information on resolving this error or you want to talk our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to get help for your any other queries.

      Thanks for visiting us, you are always welcome here anytime soon to visit us if you have any queries in your mind.

      Also to get deep information about QB you can read our QuickBooks Blogs.

      Answered on April 6, 2018.
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