How can I do my own payroll?

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    Sometimes Business owners keep on wondering How can I do my own payroll? as it seems like a difficult task but  QuickBooks Payroll doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little bit of preparation and the correct software, you can automate your complete business payroll.

    Payroll is one of the most essential and most difficult parts of running a business. There are all sorts of different procedures you need to know about as well as things like FICA and Medicare deductions, local state tax laws, and many more things.

    Precautions before doing your own payroll.

    • Before hiring employees, prepare yourself for payroll calculation and it’s up to you to decide who will do all payroll tasks.
    • There should be a proper system for the calculation of payroll as well as for writing paychecks for all employees who have worked for your business.
    •  After making the payment of your employees, make sure you have enough money left for your taxes. It is most important to maintain a proper record of all the payment and taxes.

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    Make sure you are completely comfortable with everything you need to do before you dive in to get started:-

    • Have all employees complete a W-4.
    • Find or sign up for Employer Identification Number.
    • Choose your payroll schedule.
    • Calculate and withhold income taxes.
    • Pay taxes.
    • File tax forms & employee W-2s.

    For more guidance and support regarding Quickbooks payroll contact QuickBooks 24/7 Support Phone Number . Dial+1855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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