How can I change the paid from bank account on payroll checks?

    Help me to to update bank account

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      Updating your payroll bank account is super easy in QuickBooks. You can go to the Payroll Settings to change the bank account used for payroll. Here’s how:

      1. Click the Gear icon, then Payroll Settings.
      2. Go to the Preferences, then Accounting Preferences.
      3. Click the drop down for Bank Account and select the right account.
      4. Click OK.

      If you want to fix current situation, you can do journal entry.

      1. First click on create journal entry.
      2. Now, debit the incorrect checking account total amount that QuickBooks online is showing came out and then, put it in a credit for each and every employee check or direct deposit.

      If you’re using direct deposit, new test debit will be taken out from the new bank account. This debit will have to be confirmed in QuickBooks Online.

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      Answered on June 1, 2017.
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