How can i add vehicles in QuickBooks Pro?

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      To create a list of your business vehicle and track expenses like billable mileage and track and tally business mileage, You have to add  vehicles in QuickBooks Pro. QuickBooks Pro provides users to add vehicle. By following step-by-step instructions you can add vehicle.

      Here are such instructions to follow, Read more…

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      Answered on December 6, 2017.
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        QuickBooks Pro provide you a vehicle to create a list of your business vehicle and track expenses like billable mileage.Once added, you can track the information obtained from mileage and costs associated with maintaining the vehicle. Employee information can also be added if you need to reimburse employees for traveling expenses.
        here some steps fore adding vehicles in Quickbooks pro.
        -select Customer list and vendor profile lists.
        -Click on Vehicle list.
        -you can see Vehicle list Window.
        -Click Vehicle button and then, click New from the Menu.
        -Then you can see the new Vehicle window.
        -Enter your vehicle name in the Vehicle text box.
        -Write a description of the vehicle in the Description text box.
        -Then identify the vehicle according to their maker and year of manufacture.
        -You may enter more identifying information if you have a fleet of cars or trucks.
        Now, click on OK to save the vehicle description.

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        Answered on December 8, 2017.
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