How can create and send multiple invoices in QuickBooks?

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    Many times a situation arises when you need to create and send multiple invoices to your clients or customers. This helps in saving a lot of time and effort. 

    With QuickBooks Online Advanced, it is now easier to send and create multiple invoices at the same time. QuickBooks online advance permits you to input data from hundreds of invoice transactions at the same time.QuickBooks Online Advanced, a new cloud-based offering made for high growth businesses. QuickBooks Online Advanced is used for account sales and receivable, produce, send, receive payments, and track customer invoices and is providing a better way to help growing companies to understand their business. It is built on an open platform.

    Create multiple invoices:-

     Use the following steps if you want to create multiple invoices at once.

    1. From the QuickBooks Home screen or Customer menu, click on the Create button and select multiple invoices.
    2. From the customer button: select customer or customer job and fill the relevant information like Date invoice, Bills to/ sold to, product/services and terms.
    3. If the customer or customer job is not on the list yet. You can select Add New and fill in the relevant information at the top of the form.
    4. From the menu button, select the New Line Item and this will add more line items on the invoice.
    5. If you want to delete an invoice, go to the Menu button and then select delete invoice.
    6. If you want to add more columns and fields to your invoices use the small Gear icons.
    7. Select the Save button.

    Send to multiple customers:-

    Use the following steps to send invoices to multiple customers.

    1. Click on the Menu button next to the invoice you want to send to multiple customers, then select Duplicate invoice for multiple customers.
    2. In the window that opens, click on Find the customer and then select the customer you want to send the invoice to.
    3. Select Next. invoices for all customers will appear as a row in the multiple invoices window. And you can edit them individually.
    4. After adding and editing invoices, select Save invoices.

    Note:-If you are using duplicate invoices then all its line item will be duplicate. Therefore, if you used already any customer-specific term and condition, QuickBooks applies them to the invoice for the customer.

    It described how you create and send multiple invoices in QuickBooks and it is based on your feedback and input. QuickBooks is a small and medium-sized business accounting software. When the process completes, the invoices will go to their customer. After that unnecessary invoices are disappeared from the window and necessary invoices are a show where you need to makes updates.  

    Answered on September 20, 2019.
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