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      Every time you visit a retail store you have noticed that they give their barcode printed on a little keychain. Generally, retailers do this so that the customers easily know about the sale at the time of sale. People tend to forget which information they gave in the first place and this creates difficulties for the retailers to have to look up a customer by phone number or name. You can offer a reward program and this one of the main reason you will be able to attach a customer to a sale on regular basis. If a customer spends 100$ in your store with x time frame you can offer them 10% off on their next purchase. You can have the system to do this for Quickbooks Point of Sale you can set up your rewards the way you want.

      Here’s how –

      1. From the customer, menu choose rewards manager
      2. Choose turn tracking on, if not already set
      3. For the purchase threshold enter the amount, To earn a reward this is the amount a customer must spend.
      4. Mention the reward amount (percentage or dollar amount) and choose dollar or % off from the drop-down list.
      5. (Optional) Choose a reward expiration date.
      6. Mention the purchase tracking term, You have to enter a start date; the end date is your choice. Choose The No End date checkbox to leave the program open-ended, choose the no end date checkbox during this period accumulate towards earnings rewards and all qualifying items are purchased.
      7. Make selections for how you wish to enroll members, in the rewards option area, when the rewards are earned be alerted and make a redemption blocking period, the entered numbers will be added to the reward expiration date if you enter a redemption blocking period. Example: with a 30- day expiration date, and a 10-day blocking period, the reward will expire 40-days after purchase date
      8. Choose to save click to close it, if you get the reward change dialog any time you modify your rewards programs this dialog is displayed, the change may have on current and future rewards to alert you to potential effects.

      Illumination convenient from reward manager/alternative function :

      The total value of rewards redeemed under your program is displayed by the reward program status

      You can find two powerful options on the menu

      You can enroll any new customers in your reward program if you want to.

      If you want to enroll more customer later than you have to choose automatically enroll the customer in the reward options area

      If you want to remove all the earned points of rewards from customers choose clear all rewards and your current purchase balances will not be affected

      But one you have to take care of is to go through your item lists and check that an item is eligible for the rewards has the” earn rewards” checkbox checked.

      Answered on September 6, 2018.
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