Currently I am using Quickbooks 2016 and unable to customize report properly?


    I am a big fan of building custom reports for my clients using QuickBooks. But most of time i just confused so provide me some tips

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      Hope I will help you to fix this problem. Before customize you report you should try given tips for customize report easily:

      1. While constructing a custom report, try drawing the document in a blank piece of paper first, just to give you a visual concept of the components you want to see within the record.
      You should always keep in mind 3 component vendor, months and account filter for cost of sale.
      2.After constructed the report save it and take you time to make a unique and perfect tittle. Good tittle will never make any misunderstanding in report.
      3.And the last tips always keep in mind is the difference between the Source and the Destination data from with the transaction that makes up what will show in the report.

      Now to customize report Select Edit -> Preference Click the Reports & Graphs icon and then click the Company Preferences. You need to be logged in to single-user mode as the administrator to change company preferences. There will be many option to choose.
      So above are some tips that will help you make you customize report easily.

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      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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