Can you convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Online?

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    As a QB Enterprise user, you have access to many advanced features in QB Enterprise which is not available in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online. If you want to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Online then yes you are easily converting to do the following instruction.

    Steps to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to online

    • First, you Subscribe to QuickBooks Online.
    • Make a backup of your QB Enterprise file. Restore the backup to create a second copy, and work off of this second copy. That way, if anything goes wrong your original file is untouched.
    • In the home Screen Open QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.
    • And after that Press Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information window.
    • When it is opened after press Ctrl+b followed by Ctrl+q.
    • Press the OK Button to close the Product information window.
    • The screen below should automatically come to the up. If you are not able to see this screen, attempt Step 2 one more time.
    • Enter your QuickBooks Online login information and agree to the Terms of Service, and click the Submit.
      Pick the online company whichever you want to import your data into.

    Note: You may only have the option to import list and balances if your company file is too large to import. If not able to see the screen, continue to the next step below otherwise no need to do that.

    If QuickBooks is freezing or unresponsive during the import

    • First, go to the Internet Explorer (Non-64-bit if you have two), then follow the guide which is given below to disable or enable the appropriate settings
    • Press and hold the ALT+T to get to the Tools Menu. From here go to Internet Options at the bottom of your system, then go to the Security tab at the top and uncheck the Enable Protected Mode box.
    • Do the following On this same page on your screen, click on Sites and add one at a time, and to the Trusted Sites, after that click Close.
    • In the Security tab, click on the Zone. To Low level or Medium level, drag the slider for security. Also, uncheck
    • Enable the Protected Mode.
    • Click on Apply and after that press OK button. After the close and reopen the Internet Explorer before attempting to redo the import.
    • After done following all the above steps, try the import again. During the import flow, you will likely get a pop-up asking you to be redirected to, and if you trust this site? Please click Yes to continue.
    • Click on the OK, Got it. Look for an email from Intuit when your data is done converting and you can log in back into QB online.
    • Compare the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet standard reports for All Dates in QBOnline and in QuickBooks
    • Enterprise to ensure that your data transferred correctly.

    If you need any help regarding this topic or any other issue related to QuickBooks then please contact our customer support phone number. Dial 1-855-441-4417.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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