Billable And Reimbursable Expenses.

    I Work For Company Where We Have 1099 Contractors Who Do Consulting Work. These Contractors Send My Company a Monthly Invoice And Detailed Spreadsheet Showing Any Expenses Incurred(travel, meals,etc.) For Their Contracting Jobs. MY Questions Is- How Do I mark An Expense As Billable And Reimbursable If The Original Expense Is Not Incurred By my Company?

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      Hello Peter,

      You Are On The Right Track With Using Billable Expense. Your Company Essentially Is Paying For Those Expenses As You Are Writing The Check To Pay the 1099 Contractors Back. That’s Your Expenses Logged in On The Vendor Bill.

      Then YOu Can mark Them Billable To Your Firm To Get Reimbursed. There Is An Area In YOur Company Setting That You Can Designate What Account You’d Like Billable/reimbursed Expenses To Hit.

      Then When It’s Billed To The Firms You Will Record Receiving That Money Back.

      That’s Way You Will Be Able To Track Everything.
      Hope This Help You
      For More Information Please Visit QuickBooks Pro Support

      If You Have Any Problem Please Let Me Know.

      Thank You 🙂 .

      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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