An Error Occur, Called “The Username Failed” When I am Going to Attempt to Log In With QuickBooks?

    Sometimes I faced an issue with the login attempt and the error shows “The Username Failed”. So how to fix this issues for that time?

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      Hi there I’m Olivia and I am living in Washington (District of Califonia), United States.

      Here I’m going to tell you the proper solution that how you fix this type of issues in QuickBooks.

      A comprehensive accounting software in an effective manner or open any QuickBooks file, it is required to create an account on your QuickBooks software and log into it. But, when you are trying to attempt to log into a company file, you will see the following error message.

      “The attempt to log in with the username xxx failed”, “This user is already logged into the company file” Or “If possible, try logging in a using a different username”.

      Possible Reason for QuickBooks error “The attempt to log in with the username (Admin) failed”.

      There are can be several possible causes of the error. Some of are

        • QuickBooks user is trying to log into company data file by using the Remote Access, and the previous session is not logged out.


        • The session is already logged in with the same credential into company file from a different location.


        • A fluctuation or change happened in the network due to an electrical problem.


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      Answered on April 16, 2018.
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