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      Closing the books related to accounting process of zeroing out your Income and Expense accounts and recording the company’s Net Profit or Loss onto the Balance Sheet.In traditional accounting (and traditional accounting software) you ‘close the books’ at the end of a year.
      As normal accounting process, we also have an additional feature called Closing the Books. The main purpose of officially closing the books is to protect transactions in previous periods from being changed.
      It is good Accounting practice to close past fiscal periods, not only the fiscal year. In QuickBooks Online, can individual fiscal periods (i.e. months) be closed?
      The main purpose of officially closing the books is to protect transactions in previous periods from being changed. This is done by setting up and requiring a password to edit transactions past a particular date. Both Master and Company Administrators can set the closing date and password:
      -go to Gear icon > Company Settings/ Account and Settings.
      -select Advanced.
      -go to Accounting section then, click on the Edit icon.
      -select Closing The Books checkbox.
      -Enter a closing date. Transactions dated on or before the closing date cannot be changed without warning.
      -select Allow changes after viewing a warning to make a warning message appear.
      -Select Allow changes after viewing a warning and entering a password to make the user also enter a password. Then enter the password in the two password fields below.
      -Click Save then Done.

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        Install the latest version of Enterprise software on the server
        -Close all running programs, including anti-virus programs.
        -Double-click on the file you’ve just downloaded.
        -Click Server Install. Select Database Server and QuickBooks Application
        -Follow the onscreen prompts until installation is complete.
        If you receive an error message during installation and rebooting your system doesn’t resolve the problem, go to the QuickBooks support site at for help.
        -Open your company file in the new version of QuickBooks.
        -Sign in as the Admin.
        QuickBooks will back up your file before updating it. Once the company file has been updated, converted, and rebuilt, it will open.
        (Optional) Once you have completely and successfully installed your new version, you may uninstall old versions of QuickBooks from the server, including any database managers. To do this, click the Windows Start Button > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

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          The best and the most useful advantage of using QB is that it is compatible with other widely used applications like Microsoft Office. Microsoft Outlook is the most used email exchange Server, it is the most trusted Exchange server worldwide.
          Microsoft Outlook is an email application suite to help business manage their emails. A large number of people are now inclined towards Microsoft Outlook and want to leverage its benefits by integrating it with their QuickBooks Desktop because it has the handiest interface and also provide the users with an incredible experience, owing to its unique characteristics. But there are many other benefits of QuickBooks Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
          the reason we Should Go For QuickBooks Integration with Microsoft Outlook are shown below
          Faster processing of emails
          Attachment reminder for emails
          Customized calendars
          Altered contacts
          Social Connectivity
          Ribbons & Navigation Bar
          Tracking Feature
          Shortcuts and Hotkeys
          Tracking Features
          Support Microsoft Exchange Server
          Manage Alerts and Rules
          Work Offline
          Free Import and Expert Facility

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            Most of the times this error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file. there can be some other reason also for this error, there reasons shown in below:
            -Converting your company file from an earlier version over a network.
            -Missing files in your installation of QuickBooks.
            -Insufficient permissions for your network server, Windows user, or QBDataServiceUserXX.
            -Your firewall or security software blocking QuickBooks files.
            -Damage in your company file or the shared folder.
            -More than one computer trying to host the company file.
            -Using a non-U.S. or non-Canadian version of Windows or having your Regional Language Settings in Windows set to something other than English.
            -How the file is accessed (Mapped Network Drive or UNC Path).
            -The file extension may be .qbm or .qbw.adr.

            for more information you can visit on What is QuickBooks Error 6000, -83

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              Error 1328 can occur when updating QuickBooks. It can appear as a single error or before another error, and the files referenced by these errors are usually similar to c:\config.msi\PT**.TMP. Error 1328 is presented in different ways. The text and options are different, depending on the cause. you can fix it by

              Solution 1: Reinstall using a clean install.

              Solution 2: Run the Install tool found here:  Fix common installation errors using the QBInstall tool

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                You can create your estimates in QuickBooks, email them to customers, and then convert them into invoices after you complete the work.
                >Navigate to the Estimates
                -go to home screen, click on Menu and go to “Customers” select Estimate.
                -Enter Estimate Details
                – click + Add new at the top of the drop-down menu.click + Details.
                -click Save in the bottom right corner.
                -enter the name of the products and services, click + Add new at the top of the drop-down menu options available
                Enter the Quantity, Rate and Amount for the product or service you plan to provide.
                -click Save and Send to email the estimate to your prospective customer.
                >Custom Form Style Estimates
                -go to Home Screen,then gear menu and beneath the Settings column choose Custom Form Styles.
                -Form Styles main page, click New Style in the upper right
                -Then choose from the styles available.
                -Fom the Header section, and replace “Estimate”Click Save when you’re finished.
                -Give your custom form style a name and Save.
                for more information visit on:How to Create an Estimate in QuickBooks
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                  If you use QuickBooks Mac, follow these instructions and if you use the Enterprise version, you can find step by step instructions here

                  • Open QuickBooks Desktop.
                  • Click Company > Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
                  • Select all updates in the Update Now window.
                  • Click Get Updates. …
                  • Open QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions so you see the screen listed below.
                  • Press Ctrl+1 to open the Product Information window

                  For Additional information: https://www.wizxpert.com/convert-your-quickbooks-desktop-file-to-quickbooks-online/
                  For Technical support, you can visit on QuickBooks Support Phone Number

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                    QuickBooks Pro provide you a vehicle to create a list of your business vehicle and track expenses like billable mileage.Once added, you can track the information obtained from mileage and costs associated with maintaining the vehicle. Employee information can also be added if you need to reimburse employees for traveling expenses.
                    here some steps fore adding vehicles in Quickbooks pro.
                    -select Customer list and vendor profile lists.
                    -Click on Vehicle list.
                    -you can see Vehicle list Window.
                    -Click Vehicle button and then, click New from the Menu.
                    -Then you can see the new Vehicle window.
                    -Enter your vehicle name in the Vehicle text box.
                    -Write a description of the vehicle in the Description text box.
                    -Then identify the vehicle according to their maker and year of manufacture.
                    -You may enter more identifying information if you have a fleet of cars or trucks.
                    Now, click on OK to save the vehicle description.

                    and for more knowledge you can visit on How to Add Vehicles in QuickBooks Pro  

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                      In last few days i was facing the same problem,I could not open  my Company file and QuickBooks is generating error code -6000, -304.this error code may occur if you have not enough disk space available to open the file.We even have QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) and related peripherals for retail environments. Possible Solution: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor You might try to download, install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor. This error can usually be resolved by shutting down your computer and restarting it.
                      to resolve this problem you can do some basic methods like:
                      -Check do you have enough disk space available.
                      -Can also Run repair command
                      -Can uninstall and reinstall your QuickBooks file.
                      if you want more information about this quickbooks error you can visit QuickBooks Error 6000 304
                      and for technical support you can also visit on:QuickBooks Support Phone Number

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