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      Create an Estimate in QuickBooks:

      An estimate is a bid. It works. It’s used document sheet which provides customers, the list of the products and services that you will plan to provide and it also shows service or product charges.

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      How Do I Create Estimates in QuickBooks Online?

      1. Navigate to create Estimates
      2. Create estimate
      3. Estimate status

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        you can easily integrate Microsoft Outlook Email with QuickBooks for this remember some important facts related to this.

        Integrate Microsoft Outlook Email with QuickBooks

        It is more compatible as compared to the other applications as Microsoft Office. If you want to use this then you can use the free QB Contact Sync tool that  QuickBooks online provides. you can download and install the tool first, but once you do adjust your contacts is fast and in a simple manner.

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        Microsoft outlook is not merely a medium of email exchange but also provides services like contact saving, calendaring and task management functionality.Companies can also now integrate outlook with many other Microsoft related and other online cloud and software like QuickBooks.



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          If you want to install QuickBooks Enterprise then you can follow the procedure as are listed below.

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          Installation process in QuickBooks Enterprise:

          1. check or test your network.
          2. install the latest version of enterprise software.
          3.  choose an existing database.
          4.  for business setup configuration is the must in QB Enterprise.


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            As you are interested to know about this,  it is useful if you are using QuickBooks, you can organize your business.

            Close the book “meaning they were finished working on those books and could open new books for the next month”.

            In QB, there are so many features available, you can close the books is one of them but in this feature, you can close the books at the end of the year.

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              • Restricted Access: if you want then you can create a closing date password to protect the transactions from closed accounting period. This will help to prevent any unintentional changes in transactions that alter account balances of the closed accounting period.


            Not closing books:

              • Detail: Easy access to last year’s data, including details of every transaction. read more: click



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              I can say QuickBooks is one of the most favored accounting software, it brings outstanding editions for its users for business purpose.  In present time it is widely used in accounting software package in the world.According to your need, you can choose the software, if you have any doubt about the software which you want to use,  then choose the software that supports the features you need and buy the next version only if your current software isn’t getting the job done.

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              for many users, the decision to choose QuickBooks is an easy one, but make a selection of right edition of accounting software of QB to use can quickly become more:  visit


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